About Us

The 1789 Fund seeks to ensure that every woman can enjoy her right to maternal health and every child can grow up to achieve his or her full potential, regardless of their geographical location. We believe every mother and baby deserve a happy and healthy outcome in pregnancy and childbirth. The 1789 Fund is investing in our world's future through midwifery education and increasing accessibility to critical life-saving services for the women and children.


At the 1789 Fund, we believe that in order to reduce maternal mortality, it is essential to focus on poverty and gender inequality and its direct effect on health outcomes. Our mission is to promote gender equality worldwide through the investment in the economic empowerment of women and the health of mothers and newborns. We firmly believe gender inequality and women’s socioeconomic status significantly impact women’s health and the overall health of women and their families. In addition to our maternal and child health programming, the 1789 Fund works directly with local women’s cooperatives to support the economic empowerment of women. We believe that this will help bridge this gap between economic and gender equity and health outcomes