Himalayan Yak Wool Blanket: Gold & Coral

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From the high regions of the Himalayas, our luxurious Himalayan Yak Wool Wrap will let you take the warmth with you wherever you go. Yak Wool comes from the soft down of the long-haired Yak; a highly-valued herd animal from the Himalayan Mountain regions of Nepal and India. The yak down fiber is shed in late spring and summer, then gathered, spun and woven into high-quality clothing and apparel. Warmer than sheep wool and soft as cashmere, this breathable and moisture absorbing fabric makes a perfect sustainable alternative to cashmere.

Hand-Loomed Yak Wool
Measures 90" x 44" inches
Fringed Hem
Machine or Hand Wash Cold, Do Not Dry Clean
Ethically Produced Yak Wool
Made in Nepal